All aboard the Glacier Express! – Goldbergh

GLACIER EXPRESS theme uses the Swiss national colors and symbols in a playful manner. Red and white are mixed with black and a dash of gold and Latte. The juxta- position of streamlined silhouettes and volumes refer to vintage ski fashion. The slightly oversized ski suit in white, black and red is reminiscent of the early days of fashionable skiwear. Nostalgic travel stickers, postage stamps and other voyage memorabilia are used for the theme’s artwork direction.

ZERMATT VILLAGE’s laid-back atmosphere has served as a key inspiration for this leisure capsule. This story is built around natural colors and texture combinations, referring to forest hues and geological formations. New colors Cardamom and Cherry are a seasonal addition to the established neutrals such as Latte and Army. This season’s coat and jacket designs evolve around volumes and new proportions.

GOLDEN HOUR theme takes you straight to the luxury aspect of Switzerland. Theme name is a tribute to the country’s watchmaking tradition and so is the Clockwork print. Our unapologetic love for the classic Goldbergh color combination of black and gold takes lavish dressing to a whole new level.

ALPINE ROSE theme is inspired by local folklore and cute traditions like alpine picnics. It’s the sweetest of the seasonal stories with its soft pinks, pinky oranges and the fashion forward Red Rose color. Two prints complete the story: the upscale floral and the ‘table- cloth’ gingham check print. All the sugary pinks are complemented by crispy white to keep it fresh as mountain air.

80’S DISCO POWER is the après for the eccentric and the affluent. An abundant mix of funky brights, an eclectic kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and materials – altogether an energizing après ski cocktail! The 4-EVER SKI print links ski to fashion giving context to all the glitter. Fun fact: the two-tone fabric used for color blocked jackets has been custom-made for Goldbergh based on an original ski vintage suit from the 80’s.

GRAPHIC CONTRAST is on the opposite pole of the color/texture spectrum. The color theme consists of black and white only. Simplicity is in the lead for both classics reworked and innovative designs.

All aboard and enjoy the ride!