Golbergh x Volant Skis: a match made in heaven – Goldbergh

These exclusive skis – of which only 30 pairs are available worldwide – are the result of a unique collaboration between high-end sportswear brand Goldbergh and the innovative manufacturer of high-performance skis, Volant. Luxury and quality are the core values of both brands, making this collab a match made in heaven. The skis will be available for sale world- wide at exclusive Goldbergh dealers from December 6, 2021.

The fit of two luxury brands

Amsterdam-based Goldbergh started over ten years ago with a focus on luxury winter sportswear for women, and has since grown into a large, versatile player on the international high-end sportswear market. Volant, part of Atomic – one of the largest ski manufacturers in the world, is the ski brand that stands for luxury, exclusivity, and craftsmanship. All of Volant’s skis are manufactured by hand and produced in limited numbers in Austria

This is how fashionable function can be

The bold styling of the Goldbergh x Volant skis fits the Goldbergh brand DNA perfectly. Naturally, Volant manu- factures the skis using only the very best materials. The patented Volant Steel Cap construction combines a soft ski flex with high torsional rigidity, providing unparalleled grip. This allows even steep and icy slopes to be braved smoothly. Each pair has its own number engraving, making each pair truly unique. The skis are available in three different lengths. The matching ski poles add the finishing touch to your Goldbergh look.

A dream come true

“As a designer, this is a dream come true: the ultimate pair of dream skis, that perfectly match the Goldbergh winter sports collection in every way,” says designer Lieke van den Berg. A dream that is only for the very fastest Goldbergh women, because only 30 pairs of skis have been produced. Those wishing to get their hands on the exclusive Limited Edition Goldbergh x Volant Skis can go to Gorsuch Aspen, Strolz Lech and Snow&Rock London, among others, from 6 December 2021.