Reset Going London – Reset

Reset outerwear is known for their comfortable and functional lightweight down jackets. It is a brand for the urban citizen, their products inspire to go outside and discover the city. Whether this is during your bike ride to the office or while discovering new places during a city trip, Reset takes you from A to Z.

The outerwear brand is always on the go and draws inspiration from cities all over the world. Each season they focus on a different city to draw inspiration from for the new collection. They zoom in on characteristic areas and interesting neighbourhoods and translate this into seasonal colours, materials, and product design. This season, Reset presents the first collection based on the ‘Going Places’ concept; Reset Going London.

The designs take us to the largest metropolis in Britain and the cultural centre of the country. London is a city that encourages constant movement, exploring new areas, commuting on one of London’s many different modes of public transport and taking in the limitless possibilities of cultural activities.

Whatever the circumstances, Reset ensures that the urban citizen can move effortlessly and comfortably through the city. Within the collection, the Reset works with different wearing moments.

Set To Explore 

London Exploring gives you a sense of freedom and curiosity. It is the mindset to explore a new city. For this occasion, the design team focused on the heart of the city, drawing inspiration from travellers and colours in the city centre. This occasion is about finding secret hotspots and new cultures. Designed with a sense of flexibility, focusing on flexible functions and comfortable, breathable fabrics, allowing you to explore from A to Z.

Equipped On The Go 

London Commuting is about being on the road with a specific destination in mind. It’s a pragmatic attitude as you travel the same route repeatedly. Reset has been inspired by commuters, whether they come by bike, take the subway, or simply walk their daily commute, the products keep them comfortable and efficient on the road. This occasion is designed with specific protection features. Specially made for those looking for ultimate comfort and functional protection.

The Day-To-Day Elements

London Living is about everyday life, where style and comfort meet. Quick shopping, walking the dog or drinking coffee at your favourite cafe. Reset has taken inspiration from authentic neighbourhoods with small supermarkets and parks. This day-to-day mentality is about finding happiness in the little things. The designs include soft teddy fabrics and statement colours. Form is more important than function within this occasion.